Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Thank You and some wins....

I just wanted to say
"Thank You" again,
 to all my 
Wonderful Blogging Friends...
for your Thoughts and Prayers,
Sweet Comments, E-mails,
Facebook Messages, & those
who sent a regards
to my Mom passing away.

I am just blown away 
at the kindness you have all
shown help me get 
through this difficult time.

"Blogging Friends are
The Best Friends"


Also, I have some over due
going out for a couple
Giveaways I have won...

I won these sweet pillow tucks 
from Steph's
Sweetheart Giveaway.
I just Love these.
The bright colors and the
Vintage photos.
Thank You Steph.


And I won these two
Original Pen & Ink Illustrations
made by Michelle Palmer. 

Michelle's work is so Beautiful.
These are sketched on fabric.

If you don't know Michelle...
Stop over and visit her Blog,

and Her Etsy Shop
where she sells her wonderful

Thank You Michelle and Steph!
You brought a much needed
smile to my face at a difficult time!

Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Humble Heart Swap...

I participated in Amy's
Humble Heart Swap.

My Swap partner was
Juanita from

A few days before the Swap
 packages were to be mailed out...
I had a family Emergency with
my Mom... that ended up
with her passing away.
I e-mailed both Juanita 
and Amy and told them I 
would be late with mailing out
 the Swap package.
I told Juanita not to mail 
out her package to me, 
until I was able to mail hers.

Fast Forward a couple weeks and
we mailed out and
received our packages this week.

 Juanita sure put
a smile on my face.
Look at this beautiful
wooden bowl...

It was filled with all these
wonderful bowl fillers.

Assorted Hearts...

and shammrocks...

A Delicious box of SEE'S Candy,
that I did not share...
I ate the whole box.
Oh yes, I did!

Isn't this Necklace Beautiful....

and this is the other side...
I Love it!

Wonderful smelling Candle...

and a
Happy Valentine's Day
I tried fitting it all in one
picture, but it didn't work
Imagine this all together,
strung with red ribbon.

"Thank You, Juanita!"
I Love it all!
And "Thank You, Amy!"
for hosting another wonderful Swap!

If you don't know Juanita,
stop in and visit her and 
her wonderful Blog.
(just click on link above to
take you there)

I will be back to Post some
pictures of some
Giveaways that I have won.

Monday, February 4, 2013

There's a new Angel in Heaven....

Thank You all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers
for my Mom and My Family during this difficult time.
As I always say...Blogging Friends are the Best Friends!

At 2:43 a.m this Monday Morning.......
A New Angel entered into Heaven!
Her name is Helen
82 years young!

As my Brothers, Sisters and myself had to come to an
Agreement to turn off the Life Support on our Mom!
It was the most difficult decision that we will ever have
To make in our lives, especially if you have a Family
like mine.

Not everyone was in agreement...after 30 hours
of living in the waiting room, and sleeping in chairs.
We were all exhausted, hungry, needed showers,
angry, full of questions, grief, what, why, how?
Voices were raised, harsh words were said, feelings
were hurt...and in the end...enough is enough!
We can't go on like this. Mom can't go on like this.
A decision had to be made and their was no winner.

At 2:00 a.m we told the nurse we are done.
We are all physically and emotionally drained.
There was no change in Mom's condition.
She was still having seizures due to lack of oxygen
To the brain. There was no brain activity.
The end has come. The nurse called the Dr. and told
him our decision.  Mom was given some pain medication
and a few Minutes later we gathered around as they pulled out
The Life Support tube.
As we stood in a circle, gathered around her bed, and the
Chaplain saying Prayer, Mom's body began to relax, her breaths
got shallow, then at 2:43 a.m she took her last breath!

I cannot Believe she is gone, just like that!
She is in a better place now.
No more pain and suffering.
Mom was living with Parkinson's Disease for the last 30 yrs.
She was confined to a wheelchair, unable to walk and do
certain things on her own. She lived at a Nursing Home for
the last 3 years.

Again, Thank You all for your Friendship. I wish you were
All here so I could give you a Hug.
It's gonna be a Loooonng week! Funeral on Friday.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Needing Some Prayers .......

Sorry to ask this of all of you
Since I haven't been blogging in awhile.
But if you could just say a little 
"Prayer" for my Mom.
My Sister called me at work Saturday 
Night to tell me our Mom was on her way
To the Hospital unresponsive.
My Mom had aspirated and went
She is in ICU on Life Support.
I talked to the Dr. When I got
To the Hospital and he said she
Went 20 minutes without a heart beat
And blood pressure.
She has a lot of brain swelling,
They paralyzed her to put her on 
Life support and put in all the
Necessary tubes.
They have her on ice, covered in ice
To bring her body temperature down
She will stay like this for 24 hrs
Then they will warm her up to bring 
Her body temperature back up.
This is standard protocol.
But the end result is never good.
I asked him to give it to me
He said your Mom is gone.
She's not breathing on her own.
The life support machine is doing the 
Breathing for her.
If she would come out of this...
She would have severe brain
They have never seen a good
Outcome. Now she is having seizures
Repeatedly, and the 24 hrs 
Aren't up yet. The medicine they
Are giving her is not working to
Stop them. We may have to make
A decision soon, even though we know
The answer.
Trouble is.... I come from a family of 11
And some of my siblings
Can't come to terms with this....
And don't want to let her go.
Mom would not want to live like this.
My Sister and I
Are her Power  Of Health....
Lord...I need some prayers.