Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas Swap items.....

I participated in Amy's
Merry Christmas Swap.
My Partner was Terri from
You can click on the above
Link & visit Terri's Blog.
She has lots to share.
These are the items that I received.

Santa, Snowman, 
Wooden snowman tag,
Wafers, hot chocolate,
Crocheted pot holder, 
Snowman table mat,
Cookie cutter, snowflake ornament,
Candle rings, tea lights,
(we sent each other the same
Tea lights) we think a like...
Unfortunately....a few Items
Were damaged in the travel,
But nothing that a little 
Glue & a needle and thread
Can't fix.
Thank You Terri!
And Thank You Amy for hosting 
These wonderful swaps!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ornie Swap Thank You's.....

I participated in Amy of
Ornie swap, and these are the
Wonderful ornaments that
I received......
Going from left to right
we have....

Gingerbread from Cynthia
Snowman On left from Jessica
Snowman on right from Marsha

Thank You Ladies!
I Love them all and can't wait to
Get the tree up and place them on it.

Thank You Amy....for hosting
another wonderful Swap!