Monday, February 27, 2012

Part 2...Thrifty Finds....

Good Morning Everyone!
This is part 2 of my thrifty finds...
these finds are from a couple weeks ago.
I tried 3 different times to write this post
and it's been taking for-ever to upload pictures.

These items are from 2 different Goodwills...
At the first Goodwill stop, these
were my finds....

This hanger thingy with the clips.
I wanted one to hang photos on.
This one was $1.49

This bag of buttons was 1/2 price,
so I paid .49 cents for it.

3 yards of musilin fabric for $1.99

This is an old wood scooter.
We use to play on these in gym class
when I was in school. So much fun!
It's a little beat up, not exactly sure what
I am going to do with it...but I had to have it.
(My son told me to put one of my large
plants on it...then when I want to move
the plant, I just have to push the scooter) Lol!
 Scooter was $2.99

Moving onto the next Goodwill...
These were my finds...

3 of these awesome jars with rusty wire handles.
the one in the front has writing on it.
These were .69 cents each!  SCORE!!

These molds were
$1.49 for all six.

And these molds were $1.99 for
all 9 of them.
I want to make some Pantry cakes.
Carmen gave a wonderful
tutorial on how to make Pantry cakes.

This awesome find was $2.99.
I just Love it! I'm thinking about
painting it Black!
what do you think??

And lastly....
These 4 Blue Ball mason Jars
were .99 cents each.
And I took one of them and made it into
a soap dispenser for the Bathroom.
I had all the materials on hand.

That's it for my thrifty finds.
Enjoy your day everyone!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thrifty Finds...Part One....

Finally getting around to sharing
my Thrifty finds...
This is from 2 weeks ago...
This is all from one stop
at one Good Will.

This is 2 bags of fabric.
They were $2.99 each bag.
There was a ton of fabric in each bag.
Most pieces were 1/4 yd.
A few pieces were 1/2 yard...
and there were some full 1 yard pieces.
And of course some small square pieces.

I have a few  things in mind for
some of this fabric.
What a good way to brush up on my
sewing skills, lol!

This little rabbit mold was .99 cents.

This heart pan was on the end of an
isle on clearance for .49 cents.
I will be painting something on
the back side of this.

These 3 heart  molds were
.99 cents each.

This heart was also .49 cents
on clearance. It's just the frame
of a heart, no bottom.

These skates were $5.99 pr.
But I don't have any like these
and I thought they were unique.

These were $1.99 and there
are four of them taped together.
Are they called sock stretchers??

These 2 wooden Kleenex boxes
were $1.49 each.
I plan on painting these also.

And this little pan with a wire handle
for .99 cents.
I thought it was cute and different.

So this was finds from 2 weeks ago...
I will be back sometime this week
with my finds from last week.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Stay warm!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Goodies In the mail.....

Mr. Mailman rang my door bell
twice this week...
to bring me these wonderful goodies.

I won a Valentine's Giveaway from Jodi at
and these are the awesome Goodies
that I won....

This Beautiful Hallmark 3-D Vintage Valentine Card.
It folds out. I just Love the deep red color.

3 Heart-shaped Vintage Metal Cookie Cutters...

And some X and O Vintage Letters.

Thank You Jodi!
I Love it all!
Stop on over and Visit Jodi at her Blog
Vintage and Company.
She has some awesome Vintage Goodies....

Next I won  these 2 Beautiful  Albemarie Placemats
(Sister site of Hearthside Collections)
This is the front....

this is the back.....
I just Love the print on both sides
and the deep rich red color.
So Beautiful!
Thank You Jacki!
I Love them!

Country Girl Crafts
had a little contest on her
Facebook page.
She cut out one of her new
wood creations...
left it (unfinished)
and you had to guess what it
was going to be....
after she painted it.
I came the closest,
by saying it was for
The correct answer was a
Halloween Totem Pole....
and I won the Pattern Packet
for her new creation.
So Cute!
Thank You Terrie!
I can't wait to cut this one out
and paint it up!

Stop on over and pay Terrie a visit.
She does some awesome painting on lanterns,
feathers, (yes, I said feathers) and wood crafts.
her Husband makes AMAZING Chandeliers
from Deer horns.

And Lastly...
I entered a Giveaway over at
for some knitted dishcloths.
and I DIDN'T win,
but Lesa sent me one of her
knitted dishcloths anyways
and in my favorite colors....

So Beautiful....
And look at her tag...
How clever is this....

Thank You Lesa!
I Love it....

Stop on over and Visit
Lesa's wonderful Blog!
She is very creative.

A very wonderful week of Goodies....
I Love my Blogging Friends!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Has anyone ever heard of Memory Bears?
They are bears that are made out of a favorite shirt,
blanket or some type of clothing that
belonged to a loved one that had passed away.

There is no specific pattern for these bears.
It can be a boughten pattern,
or your own design.

These Memory bears were made by my Sister Karen.
She used a bear pattern from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

My Sister Carolyn had just lost her
Father-In-Law (Bob) a few weeks ago to Cancer.

Carolyn had recruited my Sister Karen
to make these bears
(karen is the seamstress in the family)
For her Mother-in-law and her Husband
and other family members,
as a Keepsake of  Bob.
These bears were made out of her
Father-In-Law's favorite shirts that he wore.

Karen also made up a few pillows out
of Bob's shirts too....
This is just the start of the bears.
She has many more to make!

I wish I had known about these bears
when my husband and Dad had passed away.
This would've been a wonderful keepsake.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Backyard Guests.....

Dooo, Dooo, Dooo,
Looking Out My Back Door!

Actually, if you look out my back door,
the garage is there....Lol!
But behind the garage is the garden.
And next to the garden
is a patch of brush and trees....

Which accompanies my Backyard Guests.....

We noticed something was eating off the tops of
our pine trees we planted a few years ago...
and footprints coming across the lawn and
through the garden.

(Awwww!  Sweet!)

So we put up our deer-cam
and some corn
and a few salt blocks.....
to catch the culprits in the act.

And Look at this
Big Fellow!
He must be the ring leader!

(8 pointer)

And this one must be his side kick!

(4 pointer)

They have been coming back everynight.
The bucks haven't lost their horns yet,
but I'm told they will be losing them soon!
I just love the country life!
Nature at it's finest!