Thursday, April 25, 2013

Part Two...My Lucky Week

I have to apologize for Posting these
Giveaway wins so late.
As I said in my last Post,
2013 has not been my year thus far
 and is not getting any better.
In the last few weeks,
the Water softener broke,
(called repair man, was able to fix)
the Boy's shower broke,
(called plumber, was able to fix)
my computer crashed,
(couldn't be fixed...
had to buy a new one. I'm not
liking Windows 8)
The stove gave out...
(After being repaired twice...
had to buy a new one.)

and my Former Mother-In-Law
had passed away...
Took the boy's to her Funeral
and the dinner afterwards.
All went well.
I am glad we went to see her
before she had passed.

A smile was brought to my face
as I was one of the lucky winners of the
 Folkart and Primitive Artist Team Giveaway.
I had won 5 prizes, but only
heard from 4 of the ladies.

I won this 3 piece block set from
Denise's Kountry Patch...
They fit right in with my decor.
Love these!!!
If you don't know Denise...
Stop by her blog
and visit her Etsy Shop
to find more of her wonderful creations.
Thank You, Denise!!

Next I won
This wonderful basket of goodies
from Fran (of the bagg lady)

Sweet purple and yellow bunnies...
lots of chocolate...YUM!!!

and this sweet dishcloth
and some eggs....
Love the colors.

You can stop by and pay Fran
a visit at her Blog...
also Fran has an Etsy Shop
where she sells her
wonderful creations she makes.
Thank You, Fran!!

Next, I won 3 e-patterns
from Jody of
Sweet Bear Creek Whims..
Jody let me choose the 
3 e-patterns of my choice.
These are the 3 that  I chose...

Henrietta  Hen...

Sid the Scarecrow...

 and Primitive Friends...

These are so adorable...
and I am ready to challenge myself
to make these beautiful creations.

Jody has an Etsy Shop also
You cam click on the above link
and this will take you
to Jody's Etsy Shop where
you can purchase these patterns
and others.
Thank You Jody!!

I had also won a rabbit from Sheila,
of Seasons of Thy Heart.
This particular rabbit that
I had won, I already have from
a Swap that I had done with
Sheila last Spring.....
so, Sheila was so kind to say
that she would make me something else.
I told her I was in no hurry,
so when it is finished...
I will be posting it.


In a seperate Giveaway
I had won these lovelies from
Margie of
Hungry Hook Primitives...
A tin punched candle holder,
cinnamon sticks candle
(smells heavenly)
and an old Colman's mustard tin

Stop by and visit Margie
at her Blog

Thank You Margie!!

A big Thank You and A Hug
to all you ladies!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Lucky Week...

Despite all the stress that's
been going on in my life....
I did have a good week
with some wonderful
Giveaway wins!
(This was from a few weeks ago)
(this is a late post)

I won Robin of 
The Primitive Hutch
Spring Ahead Giveaway....

Look at this yummy basket of goodies...

Filled to the rim with
Chocolate and Jelly Beans,
tic-tacs and  a homespun towel
and Spring tissues!

This is the wire basket without the contents.
Love it!
This will be displayed on my kitchen counter.

A Sweet Bunny...
made by Robin.
she will be kept out year round
and displayed in my Kitchen!

And this Beautiful Easter Pin keep!
I Love Robin's work!

If you haven't visited Robin's Blog
you need to.
Click on this link to take you there.
Robin is known for her Primitive Dolls,
wood signs, cross stitch and more....
Robin also has a website 
where she sells her creations.
"Thank You" Robin...
I Love everything!

Next I won this
Awesome sign from
Deb of
Lake Girl paints....

I Love it!
I plan on hanging my boy's
pictures from the hooks...
as soon as I am able to
take some updated pictures.

If you don't know Deb,
You need to stop in and visit her Blog.
Lake Girl Paints
(click on the link below)
She does Amazing work,
and gives tips and techniques
to painting her signs and furniture.

I borrowed this picture
from Deb's Blog.
This is some of the Custom Work
she just did.
Love the Beachy colors.

Thank You Deb!


And I won Patti's
of Winding Vines Wanderings
St. Patrick's Day Giveaway.
This Sweet Little
Sewing Slipper,
made of green wool,
included were the spool 
of thread, buttons, thimble
and old key.
Isn't this the Sweetest??

What a Beautiful Card!
 Stop by and visit Patti's Blog.
(click on the link below)
Patti also has an Etsy shop 
were she sells her wonderful
Winding Vine Designs
(click on the link below)
Thank you Patti!
I Love it!

Thank You ladies!
I Love all these treasures.
You certainly lifted my Spirits
and put a smile on my face!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Swap treasures from Vicky....

I participated in another wonderful Swap
hosted by Amy of
and my Partner was Vicky of

I received a box full
of wonderful treasures!

Chocolate candy, Yum!!

A Beautiful Plaque
that I displayed in my living room.

A sweet Bunny and some eggs
(next to Snowmen...
bunnies are my favorite)

that I use everyday...
and a bottle of
Honeysuckle body lotion!
Smells wonderful!

And another Sweet bunny...
isn't she adorable??

Thank You so much Vicky!!!
I Love it all!
And "Thank You" Amy
for hosting another
wonderful Swap!!
Thank You all who commented
on my last Post and said
a Prayer for me and my Boy's.
We did go and see Their Grandma,
yesterday (Friday) and the
visit went well.
Though the Boy's didn't say
to much...I think they were glad
that they went.
Grandma (Julia) looked good.
She was sitting in a recliner when
we got there, all dressed up.
She had a stocking cap on 
because she lost all her hair &
she was hooked up to oxygen.
Other than those two things,
she looked the same to me.
The Dr.'s stopped the chemo &
the blood transfusions. 
She's not in any pain, she says.
She talked quite a bit, told us 
what was going on with her & that
the Dr.'s said the end is near.
Nothing more they can do for her.
She told the boy's a few stories
about their Dad, 
and we all laughed.
We stayed about an hour and a half
and then the Hospice nurse came in.
So we left & I told her we would
come back again.
It was a quiet ride home...
but I know they were glad they went.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm here...But I'm not.....

I have a Blog Post to do on a Swap
Package that I received from Vicky,
and a few Giveaways that I won.
I don't want anyone to think that
I forgot....because I have been really
trying to fit it in.

2013 has not been a Good year,
 thus far, for my Family. 
It's just one thing after another,
 and it's not getting any better. 
We are going through
another difficult time right now,
as my former Mother-in-law
is dying from Leukemia, and it can
be any day now.

This is my 2 older sons Grandma...
though we have not seen or heard 
from her in 5 years...
She is asking to see my Boys.
My husband passed away 14 yrs. ago.
It's not that we are on bad terms
with her, it's just she chose not to
keep in contact with them.

I see her point of wanting to 
see them, and I see their point of
mixed emotions.
She is all they have left of a
Grand Parent. I told them they 
really need to go see her and that I
would go with them. 
We need to do it now, because there
may not be a tomorrow.

I promise I will be back soon...