Sunday, January 21, 2018


Here are a few more of
my Snowmen paintings
that I have painted in
the last couple months.
This was painted on a 
closet door. The second 
picture is a closer view.
These next 2 snowmen are
painted on a piece of wood
and a wooden shutter.
A red metal saucer that I had
picked up at the Goodwill.
This Blue Saucer is a plastic one,
also from the Goodwill.
These 2 Snowmen are painted
on mink boards.
And these 4 are painted on
small screens.
These are actually painted on round placemats
that I found on clearance at Target.
A few more small screens.
An old rusty metal bucket
& added greens for an
These 3 are painted on
Fence boards. They are 
6 ft. tall. 
Thanks for stopping by
& taking a look.
Enjoy your Sunday

Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter Painting.....

My most Favorite thing
to paint is Snowmen!
I just LOVE Snowmen!
I have quite a collection
and keep most of them up
all year round'
Here are a few Snowmen 
that I have painted up these
last few Winter Months.
All of these have sold.
Old Window Screen...
Old Shovel...
Small Screen...
Metal Saucer...
Closet Door...
Old Sled...
As always, Thanks for
stopping by!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Buffalo Check Love.....

I purchased a Buffalo Check Stencil
from Old Sign Stencils.....
a few months back.
I'm having so much fun 
Stenciling anything & everything.
Though it's a little time consuming,
I Love the end results of my
finished projects.

Thanks for stopping by my Blog
& taking a look!
Have a wonderful weekend!