Friday, March 30, 2012

A package from Angie....

It'a a cold Rainy day here in Wisconsin!
This kind of weather gives me the Blahh's!

But when the mailman delivered a package
to my door this morning...

My day seemed to get a whole lot brighter!
I won  Lil' Raggedy Angie's  Spring Giveaway!

What a wonderful box of goodies!
A basket with one of Angie's Chocolate Bunnies.
(did I ever mention how much 
I Love bunnies???  LoL!!)
and 6 of her Prim Eggs...
they smell sooo good!

A bundle of  Prim carrots....
(Every Bunny needs carrots!)

This "ADORABLE" Bunny  tote bag.

A Vintage card stock Plaque.

Wood Bunny on Egg Shelf sitter.

A little Golden Book...

An Amish Cookbook...

With some wonderful recipes!

The sweetest Little pillow tuck
made by Linda of

Look at the sweet bunny fabric on the back.

And last but not least....

I gotta hide this from my Kids...Lol!
Then again there are 3 of these
long candies...
(I'm having a mind block...I can't think
of what they are called, and it doesn't
say on the wrapper)
I suppose I can share and give them
each one and keep the chocolate
for myself!

I think this box of goodies was meant for me!
Did anyone notice all the Bunnies??
And you know I Love Bunnies!

"Thank You"  soooo much Angie!
I will treasure each one of these items.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

A package in the mail...and flowers from a friend!

I've been waiting on the mail man
to deliver a package....
This was no ordinary package...
This was a special package.

I had adopted one of Traci's
newest bunny creations.
(yes another bunny! I Love
bunnies like I Love Snowmen)

On Saturday the package came!
And I would like you to meet...
Lil' Nutmeg...

Isn't Lil Nutmeg the Sweetest?
He's old and tattered and worn.
With a one button eye....

...And patches and mends
and an old quilt piece
on his back.

I can see that Traci puts alot of
thought, hardwork and Love
into her creations.
And I am proud to say that I
own one of them.

Traci also included these two
adorable bunnies....
(yes, bunnies do multiply at my house!)

If you don't know Traci...
You must stop by her Blog
and get to know her.
She is the sweetest person
and blog friend.
Traci also has a selling blog...

Thank you Traci!
I will treasure these bunnies

Also I wanted to share my Beautiful
Roses with you...

A dear friend (co-worker)
that I work with at the
Nursing Home
sent these yellow roses to me...
no reason at all...
just a 
Random Act Of Kindness!!

I'm off to do some more
Spring Cleaning...
and work on some items for a swap!
Have a wonderful sunday, Everyone!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Giveaway Wins...

Happy St. Patty's Day

What a Beautiful weekend we
are having...
But I will be inside...
because I have to work all weekend!!

This is day 4 of hanging Laundry out
on the clothesline!
Yes, that's alot of laundry..
but with a family of 5, 
I do laundry everyday.

I received 2 packages in the mail
this week.
I won a giveaway over at 
I won 4 fat quarters of fabric.
Look at these beautiful colors and prints!
Sorry for the quality of the pictures. 
(taken from my phone)
The top 2 are shades of green
the bottom 2 are
shades of pink.
Stop over and visit Judy's Blog
She makes adorable raggedies
and Judy has another Giveaway
going on for 2 e-patterns.
Look at her sweet raggedy!

And I won a Giveaway from

Wrapped so pretty was this
Houndstooth tote bag
So Beautiful....
Can't wait to use it!

and a copy of

I've been looking for this
magazine and can't find it in
my area!
This is an "Awesome" Magazine!!!

Thank You 
Lynette, Missy and Cassie!!!!

Stop on over at the JunkFest Blog!
Lots of inspiration going on there!

Enjoy the WEEKEND Everyone!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Multiplying Bunnies and a Robin....

I saw my first Robin yesterday...
sitting on top of the garage roof.
I squealed with delight as I ran to get
my phone to take a picture.
My kids thought I was crazy!
It's just another Bird, Mom!
It maybe just another Bird to them...
but to me it's a sure sign of SPRING!!

I have 2 more Bunnies to add to 
my collection!
I Love Bunnies as much as I Love Snowmen, Lol!!

I ordered this Sweet Bunny from Kim
and he arrived at my door last week.
Isn't he the cutest thing?
Thank You Kim, I Love him!

And this morning a package arrived in the
mail, wrapped so pretty...

Was this Sweet Chenille Bunny
that I won from the
Spring Giveaway a few weeks ago.

This Bunny was made and donated 
by Annie of
So Sweet and smells Divine!!

Annie also included these 3
quilted eggs...

and 2 Bunny tags...

Thank You Annie!!
I Love it all!!!
Stop on over and visit
 Annie's Etsy Shop...
She has alot of wonderful 
Spring goodies in there!

Well I must get off the
computer and get ready for work!!
Enjoy your Monday, Everyone!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Swap Goodies from Sheila....

I participated in Amy's
Some Bunny Loves Me Swap
and I was partnered up with
Sheila from

Look at all the goodies that
Sheila spoiled me with.
Everything was wrapped so nice!
Sorry for the upside down photo...
A yummy candy bar...
2 wonderful smelling tarts...
and a pantry cake.
A bag of fabric covered eggs,
which I added to this wire basket I have.
This cute little bunny!
Love the brown floral print fabric.
I told Sheila my favorite colors are
Brown and Blue...
This SWEET pillow...
I can now say I have one of
Sheila's beautiful Floral arrangements...
A beautiful keep sake box...
And a Makedo Bunny.
Isn't she the sweetest thing??
Sheila said this is her first one
and she plans on making more.
So Sweet!

I have to apologize...
after it took 2 hrs to upload these pictures..
I went back over this post and realized
I forgot a towel and a runner
that Sheila also included.
I'm so Sorry Sheila!
But I am going to post what I already
have uploaded, before I lose it...
and I will get the other pictures
posted soon.

Thank You for all the wonderful
swap goodies, Sheila.
I Love each and everyone of them
and I will treasure them always!

And Thank You Amy
for hosting another wonderful Swap!!