Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I participated in a couple of Swaps
that Amy of Bumble Bee Lane
had hosted....
The first was the Ornie Swap,
and these are the ornies I received...

From Becky...Ginger Creme Hollow

From Amy...Bumble Bee Lane

From Theresa...Dulaney Woods Treasures

From Cyn...Cynz Place

Thank You ladies!
I Love Them all, and as you can
see, they are on my tree .
Next, came the Christmas Swap,
and I had 2 partners.
The first one was Vicky from
and these are the Swap goodies
that I received from her.

Lots of wonderful Snowmen!

Can You tell that
Snowmen are my favorite!

Ornies for the tree!

And some yummy chocolates!

I LOVE it all!

And my second swap partner
was Linda from 
And these are the goodies
that I received from Linda.

Snowman Doll

Skate ornie for my tree


Candle, lip balm, soap,
and a mug with Hot chocolate 
and some yummy chocolates.

I Love it all!
my wonderful Blog Friends!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I have been up to....

For the last  4 months,
this is what I have been up to!

Painting for Craft Shows!
Painting to fill My Sister's Craft Shop!
Painting Orders!

A few of the Old
Window Screens that I
have painted...

An Old Window....

A Water Ski that I 
painted a Snowman on.
I have painted 2 of these.

License Plates...


Cookie Tins...

Pockets off of Jeans...

I guess you can say,
if it doesn't move...
I will paint it!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Harvest Gatherings Swap...

I participated in Amy of
Harvest Gatherings Swap...
and Becky of
was my Partner.
These are the goodies that I received.

Prim Harvest Doll (Sweet)

3 pumpkins (Love these)

3 candle tins, Snowman on a snowflake ornie,
2 bunnies, an assorted bag of sewing notions,
and a book mark

Sorry for the late Post Becky.
I Love it all!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Swap With Wendy...

I participated in Amy of
Farm House Summer Swap
and my Partner was Wendy from

These are the wonderful goodies 
that I received from Wendy.

An awesome Americana
table mat.
Love this, so detailed.

This is the back of it
with Wendy's label.
creative idea!

A chicken, so sweet!

An old wood bowl
with some rag balls,

Watermelon sign. YUM!!

A towel and a pin.

A packet of Liberty Garden
Cosmo Seeds.
I already planted these!

I forgot to take a seperate picture
of the tarts.
You will see them in the first photo.

And.......A BONNET!   YAY!!!!
My very first Bonnet
and the color couldn't be
more perfect.
Since most of my colors
are in Blue's and Brown's.

Thank You Wendy!!
I Love it all!
If you don't know the
very talented and creative Wendy,
you can stop by her Blog
and pay her a visit.

Wendy also has an Etsy Shop
where she sells her awesome creations.

Wendy also has a Face Book Page
for her Business...

And a Food Blog
where you will find some
wonderful recipes.

Wendy was kind enough to
give me a little more time to
mail out her Swap package since
I have been so busy with orders.

Thank You Amy
for Hosting another Awesome Swap!

Friday, July 12, 2013

What I've Been Up To...

Hello Everyone!
I can't Believe how long it has
been since I did a Blog Post.
These days sure are flying by.
I am so far behind,
I don't know which way to turn.
This is what's been keeping me busy...

Scarecrow I painted on an
old window screen for
a customer.

Orders....Lots of Custom orders
coming in at my Sister's Shop 
for me!

Snowman I painted on a 
window screen, this is for
another customer.

Flowers in a flower pot
painted on a window screen
for the same customer

I painted a shovel with these same 
color flowers in a previous post,
the lady that purchased the
shovel, came back and wanted
the same flowers painted on
a window screen.

This also was a special order...
A lady wanted this for her
Mother's Birthday.
The top 5 flowers have her
children's names on them
and the 8 smaller flowers have
her grand children's names on them.

I made a bunch of these bird houses
on stakes. A lady that purchased
this one, wanted it personalized
for a gift. So my Sister wrote the
name on it, since I live an hour
away from her shop.

And this is just half of it, Lol!!
Not enough hours in a day!

I've been trying to keep up 
with everyone's Blogs,
here and there.
I leave a comment when I can.
I have a few Give away wins to share,
some more painting, and
my fur baby had surgery.
I will try to Post again soon.
Take Care Everyone,
and Have A Wonderful Weekend!!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Final Goodbye..

Today my Brother's, Sister's & I
said our Final Goodbye
to Our Mom.....
as she was laid to rest.

Helen Peters
Aug. 28, 1930 - Feb. 4, 2013

Even though My Mom
 passed away in February...
we had to wait for her burial,
per the Funeral Home,
or pay an extra cost to have
a burial in Feb. when it was Winter.

It was tough going
through this again...
But she is finally at Peace now
and with our Dad.

We stayed & watched as
they were lowering the casket 
into the Vault in the ground.
And, just as they started to
lower it, a Chipmunk jumped 
into the Vault.
We were all a little frantic
as they had to stop & get the
poor little fellow out.
But in the end...
we all had a little chuckle
and I bet Mom did too!

Always in Our Hearts!
We Love You Mom!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting back into Painting.....

I've been trying hard to get back
my Painting Mojo....
The weather has been nice,
and my items have been selling
at my Sister's shop, where I have them.
Orders have been coming in
and I have been so Busy.

This is an old window I had done
for a customer.
She wanted bright flowers
and a bird house.

A Screen I had painted.
Sold the next day.

These fence are a hot item right now.
I had gotten a roll of this 
wooden snow fence from my
Sister, last fall.
I still had some left,
I cut it into sections,
dry brushed it white,
cut out some wood flowers
and  attatched to the fence.
The bright colors seem to
be in.
These are all sold.

I had many special request
orders for signs.
Here's a few that I had done
for customers...
all Sold!

Man Cave is painted on an old
piece of wood.
Home is where your Harley is...
Sold 4 of these....
painted on a piece of  flooring.

Special request for some ladies...
Welcome to Margaritaville
in bright, beachy colors...

This one is popular...
sold 4 of these.....

These are painted on
 flooring pieces that
my Brother-in-law saved for me.
Both Sold.

This was a special request order
and a challenge.
This lady wanted this sign 4 ft. long.
The words are all hand painted.
This took me forever
It says....
Dream Believe Trust Laugh Love LIVE

An Old suitcase I painted...

and a shovel....

Thanks for stopping by
and taking a look.

Our Hearts and Prayers go out to
all those in Oklahoma.