Thursday, August 30, 2012

And The Winner Is....

all, for the wonderful
Birthday Wishes.
I am so Blessed to have such
wonderful Blogging Friends out there.

to all my new Followers.

to Everyone who entered my
Birthday Giveaway, 
Posted on your sidebar,
Did a Blog Post,
Shared it on your Facebook Page
and Tweeted about it.

My son drew the winning name,
which was....

"Country Girl At Home"

Congratulations to Tammy!
If you could e-mail me with your
mailing address I can get your
package out in the mail.

I picked up 17 new followers during
this Giveaway...
which put me over the 200 mark.
So I am working on
putting together a 
200 Follower Giveaway
and I will be Posting it soon!

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Monday, August 27, 2012

Repurposing Edging into Pumpkins...

I found 2 rolls of this wooden edging
in my Garage. 
I use to have this along my Flower Bed,
about 10 years ago.

I studied it for awhile, then I had a Brain Storm.
I began to take the wooden pieces off the wire,

cleaned them up a bit,
and dry-brushed on some orange paint
here and there.

I free-hand drew out a pumpkin face
on a scrap piece of paper
and then cut it out ...
Scary, I know.
But this is how I work.
I like to sketch out my ideas on
scrap paper.

Then I took some Black Paint and
stenciled the Face on the pieces of wood.

Then I stained over them with a
dark stain.

I then took a branch and cut it
into pieces, for the stem,
a leave from some artificial flowers,
 sprinkled with some cinnamon
and a piece of rusty wire to hang.

And there you have a Primitive Pumpkin.

One of these will be added to 
My Birthday Giveaway package.

Don't forget to sign up,
if you haven't already...

Click on the link on the bottom of this Post
to take you to 
The Giveaway Post to Sign up.
Winner will be drawn on Thursday!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Birthday Giveaway...

Today was my Birthday.
I have been wanting to do a 
Giveaway, for the last couple weeks,
but life got in the way.
So I guess better late
than never!

This Giveaway is for this Prim Wooden

Bath And Body Works Hand Soap
in Pumpkin Caramel Latte...
(smells oh so good!)

These FALL wooden
Pumpkin Blocks...

and a Yankee Candle in
Spice Cake Scent...
(smells Heavenly)

All you have to do is...

*Be a Follower of my Blog...
(new Followers are Welcome)

*Leave a Comment on this Post only!

*If you Post this Giveaway on your sidebar,
let me know and you will get 2 extra entries.

*I will draw a winner on Thursday,  August 30th.

That's it!   Good Luck to everyone!

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Giveaway and an Update....

Sara from
is having a Fall Giveaway!

Head on over to Sara's Blog
 and get signed up before midnight Aug.23rd.

Sara also has an ETSY Shop.
Where you can purchase her Beautiful
Handmade creations.

In a Previous Blog Post...
I asked if anyone knew what these were...

Thank You to everyone who took
the time to reply....
Almost everyone said that they were 
some kind of Floor Grate used in Older Homes.
They were Flush with the old wood
Plank floors and would let the heat rise
to the second floor.

We had grates in our old house 
when I was a child, but ours were metal.
These are interesting.

I received these from my Sister in a pile
of treasures. They are wooden and quite long.
They are in Beautiful shape and quite thick.

As for what to do with them...
I still haven't decided.
I had some wonderful ideas...

*Hang it on the kitchen wall, and hang utensils from it.

*Attach legs and make a little side table.

*Use them as doors for a cupboard/cabinet.

Wonderful ideas. I had to put them aside for now
because I got a lot going on right now.
But I will let you all know what I do with them.

Have a wonderful weekend Everyone!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Does Anybody know what these are???

As I was going through some
of the treasures from my Sister...
I came across these.

Does anybody know what they actually are???
Or what they were used for?

They look like some kind of a grate.
But they are made of wood
and they are thick.

What could I do with them?
Any ideas?? Anyone??

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Prim Ditty Swap with Amy...

I joined in Amy of
Bumble Bee Lane's
Prim Ditty Swap and I had
Amy as my Partner.

These are the wonderful goodies
that Amy had sent me.

This Beautiful Ditty Bag.....

Sunflower garland on wire....

A closeup of the sunflowers...

Candle mat....

Wax sheep....(so cute!)
Smells Heavenly!

And a Pear Pin Keep...

Thank You for all the wonderful goodies Amy!
I Love them all...
And Thank You for Hosting
these wonderful Swaps!