Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas Swap items.....

I participated in Amy's
Merry Christmas Swap.
My Partner was Terri from
You can click on the above
Link & visit Terri's Blog.
She has lots to share.
These are the items that I received.

Santa, Snowman, 
Wooden snowman tag,
Wafers, hot chocolate,
Crocheted pot holder, 
Snowman table mat,
Cookie cutter, snowflake ornament,
Candle rings, tea lights,
(we sent each other the same
Tea lights) we think a like...
Unfortunately....a few Items
Were damaged in the travel,
But nothing that a little 
Glue & a needle and thread
Can't fix.
Thank You Terri!
And Thank You Amy for hosting 
These wonderful swaps!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ornie Swap Thank You's.....

I participated in Amy of
Ornie swap, and these are the
Wonderful ornaments that
I received......
Going from left to right
we have....

Gingerbread from Cynthia
Snowman On left from Jessica
Snowman on right from Marsha

Thank You Ladies!
I Love them all and can't wait to
Get the tree up and place them on it.

Thank You Amy....for hosting
another wonderful Swap!


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Painting up some Snowmen...

I've been busy painting up
some Snowmen to fill the
places where I sell my items

This is an old Black Powder 
canister...Quite large at 24" tall
Thought I would paint a 
Snowman on it.

Snowman on Shovels....

Snowman License Plate

Snowman Bingo cards...
This idea is from Mary
of Square Nails Crafts
(with permission)
this is my version....

Snowman on Barn Board with
Burlap Pocket....
These were popular last year

This one was a custom order
The lady wanted the Snowman
to hold a wine glass
and personalized

Old Records

Old Hinges

Old Gas Cans

Pretty much if it doesn't move
it gets painted.
Thanks for stopping by!


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ghastly Ghost.....

I was one of the winners in the
Witches of Giggleswick Blog Hop Giveaway.
I won this 
Ghastly Ghost from
 LeeAnn of
Charmed Confections
(click on the above link)

Isn't he the Sweetest?

He came beautifully wrapped.

If you don't know, LeeAnn...
You need to click on the link 
in the beginning of this Post
to take you to her Blog
Charmed Confections.
Her work is AMAZING!

LeeAnn also has an Etsy Shop
(click on Link )

Thank You LeeAnn!
Thank You to all the artists
who donated their time
and creations to this
wonderful Giveaway!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Painting Some Fall.....

 My Paint Brushes have been
flying these last few months,
as I have been Painting up
some Fall....

Lots of Fall Screens,
have been Painted.
(these all have been sold)

I painted 4 of these
Pumpkin shovels...
(all have sold)

Pumpkins painted on Records...
(all have sold)

Eek Spiders on Records....
(all have sold)

Pumpkin Globe...

Halloween chair
(also has been sold)

All of these items have been sold
at my Sister's Store...
"The Rustic Fence"
I still need to take pictures of her 
store, to share with you.
Life has been crazy, busy,
and I am so far behind.

Harvest Gathering Swap, Part 2....

My second Partner in Amy's
Harvest Gathering Swap was
Lynn from
and this is what I received
from Lynn,,,
Lots of pumpkins, an acorn,
 a cat and a bag of Recess Pumpkins.
Thank You Lynn!
I Love it all!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Harvest Gatherings Swap...

I participated in another one of 
Amy's wonderful  Swaps,,,
I had two partner's.
My first Partner was Danice of
(click on above link to take -
you to Danice's Blog)
These are the wonderful goodies
that I have received from Danice.

A sweet doll, beautiful mug mat,
a bonnet, coffee mug,
pumpkin and a crow, 2 pkgs. of seeds
pumpkin pie potpourri, 
pillow tuck.

Thank You, Danice!
I Love it all!

Thank You Amy. for putting
together these wonderful Swaps!

I will post my second package
at another time, as I 
need to get ready for work!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Still Painting......

Two Blog Posts in one day!
Trying to Catch-up
on what I have been up to.
Which is....PAINTING!!
All items have been Sold..
at My Sister's Store!

Painted Windows....

Painted Screens....

Painted Chairs...

Another Screen...

Another Window....

Another chair...

Odds and ends....


Custom Order...
Painted on a table...

Old Lunchbox...

Signs on old wood...

More Screens.....

And another screen...

And another screen...

Another Custom Order...
This unique chair
The back flips down.
The customer wanted flowers painted on it.

Custom order for
Ball Jar Signs...

and crock signs...

And one more custom order,
for Lime green Hydrangeas
painted on a milk can.

I'm hoping to share a post soon, of my
Sister's Store...
The Rustic Fence
where I sell all of my items.


I participated in 
The Farm House Summer Swap
hosted by Amy of  Bumble Bee Lane
and I had 2 partners.
These are the wonderful creations
that I received from my first partner
Marsha of
Love the Doll....So Sweet!
Yummy Chocolate Caramels..
Bunny on a spool, enamel basin
filled with stars & some old
cookie cutters!
Love the Rooster cookie cutter!
Thank You Marsha!
I Love all my treasures!!

My second Partner was Fran from
These are the SWEET goodies
that I received from Fran.
Sweet Teddy Bear, Tarts,
cookie cutters, framed USA stitchery,
stars, candle mat, chocolates.
Thank You Fran!
I Love it all!!!
And Thank You Amy for
hosting these Wonderful Swaps!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Humble Heart Swap.....

Hello Everyone!
I participated in Amy of Bumble Bee Lane's
Humble Heart Swap and I was partnered 
with Debbie from

These are the wonderful goodies I received....
Debbie does Beautiful work.

Stop by her Blog and 
Etsy Shop and pay her a visit.
Debbie also sells her patterns.

I Love everything Debbie!
Thank You so much!
Thank You Amy for hosting these 
wonderful Swaps!
I've been having trouble with my 
internet. Not being able to stay on very
long, getting booted off, not being able
to down load pictures. Grrr!
Getting the run around from our
Internet Provider....
Been told it's because of the weather.
I have a question for those of you
that have IPads....
I can not respond to e-mails from my
Ipad, and I can not do Blog Posts.
Is this just me???
Or is this for everyone on their Ipad.
And my phone is too out dated to
do anything from there. My kids
keep taking my upgrades, Lol!
So I resort to my Desk top to answer
e-mails and do Blog Posts, when my
Internet decides to work.