Monday, August 29, 2011

2nd Update on Whisper....

Hello Everyone-
So the  Vet did call me back yesterday. By the time he did call me, I didn't have time to run Whisper back in because I had to go to work. He told me to put a maxi pad on her incision and then wrap either gauze or an ace bandage around her until I could bring her in.
I told him she is not eating the s/d food they gave me as part of her special diet. He told me to mix it with her other food she had before. Tried that didn't work. Gave her back her other food, still not eating. (sigh)
I work 2-10 p.m. I got home and there was a note on the table saying she still didn't eat anything all day, she is drinking though.
Fast forward to this morning...took Whisper back into the Vet. He examined her...the drainage came from a puss pocket that formed between the stitches...REALLY?  That was an awful lot of drainage I told him for a puss pocket. He took her temp. She had a fever. He prescribed an antibiotic and a pain pill for her.
As for eating...He said try a the Bland Diet for her...Boiled Potatoes, Boiled rice, Boiled Hamburger, Cottage Cheese and Plain yogurt. SERIOUSLY??  Yes, he said. Guarantee she will eat it. Animals Love this! SERIOUSLY? I never heard of it, but I am willing to try. And if she doesn't eat it???? He says if she doesn't eat by Wednesday bring her back in.
I am so exhausted but I will keep pushing on, LoL!  I will keep you posted!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update on Whisper....

First of all I want to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who left a comment & said a Prayer for Whisper.

I'm sorry I didn't do an update on her sooner...but it has been chaos here. I'll back up to Friday....

Whisper had to be to the Vet's office at 7:30 a.m. After filling out paper work, the receptionist told me I could bring Whisper around back to one of the kennels. Whisper knew something was going on, she clung to me and dug her claws in me & started crying. Oh it broke my heart to leave her there. I cried all the way home.

So Friday was a looong day. We finally got word at 1:00 p.m that the surgery went well, it just took a little longer for her to wake up than they originally thought.  My 10 yr. old son, cried all day. I tried to keep him occupied & his mind off Whisper, but it didn't work. Fast Forward to saturday morning....

We picked Whisper up at 8 a.m.  Oh she was glad to see us, but I could tell she wasn't herself.  Whisper had surgery to remove Bladder Stones from the Bladder. They tell me that there were more than the 4 stones that they seen on the x-rays...alot more. She has a dozen stitches total, inside and out.  Her restrictions are NO running, jumping, playing, swimming, access to stairs or furniture for 14 days!  She is on a special diet for a week. Whisper's Bladder Stones were sent to The University of Minnesota. They are going to research the stones for "FREE".  I live in a two story house...The bottom level is half garage & half basement. The top level is our living order to get to the main floor, we need to go up 12 Whisper has to be carried up & down those steps everytime she needs to go to the bathroom which is quite often.....

After many, many trips outside Sat. to the bathroom...& getting up 3 times during the night with her to take her out...I am exhausted!

 It is Sunday morning & I notice that Whisper's incision is draining alot....I tried calling the Vet's office to see if they had an on call person available to talk too. So the message says they are closed... if this is an Emergency or you need to speak to a Vet,  press one and you will be directed to the person on call's cell phone. Guess What?  It rings and rings and no one answers. Grrrr!

It's going to be another looong day. She is resting comforatbly, but her incision is still draining. I'll keep you all posted...........

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Dog and The Vet....

This is my Dog "WHISPER"
She is a 4 yr. old Schnoodle...
(schnauzer/poodle mix)

A few weeks ago...
Whisper was going to the
bathroom more than usual.
(like up all night taking the dog out)
I noticed she wasn't quite herself.
So, I called my vet.
They told me to bring in
a urine sample & they would test it.
(easier said than done)
So after 2 days of trying....
We were able to get a sample.
I took it into the Vet and they tell me
she has a UTI & prescribed an
antibiotic for 10 days
& tell me she will be feeling
better in a few days!

So after 7 days...
I notice she is getting worse.
She is starting to pee when she
walks... she is having accidents
in the house.
And she seems to be in pain!
Her urine is brown!
So I call the vet back &
they tell me that it's gonna take
time...(remember...they told me
she would be feeling better
in a few days)
she's not done with the
antibiotic yet...bring in another
urine sample in a week
& we will test it again!
And I said......
Don't you want me to bring her in
so you can check her out????
They tell me NO...
give it a few more days.
By this time...I'm FURIOUS!!!!
HELLO...did you not hear
what I just said??????
My dog isn't any better....
She is WORSE.....
Needless to say....
I am no longer going to that Vet
which we had for the last 4 yrs......
So.....I find another Vet
and they tell me to bring in my dog
along with a urine sample
as soon as I can......
& have her records faxed
over from the other Vet.
Fast Forward...
The new Vet is caring and compassionate.
He tests her urine & tells
me it is bad....You say she's on
an antibiotic? Yes, I told him!
Well, it's not working!
He asks to take her in for
X-rays. Ummm, okay!
He comes back & tells me
that Whisper has 4 HUGE
Bladder Stones in her
Bladder & they can't dissolve them
so she need Surgery!
Ummm WHAT?
So on Friday morning at 7:30 a.m
Whisper will be going into surgery
& spending the nite!
(note...I had to choose Friday...
because I work the next few days
and this way I have a 4-day
weekend off to care for her
after surgery...)
The Vet said this would be okay.
Seriously....I never had problems
before with my old Vet...
but to treat my dog like that
& not help her when she's
in pain. And they call themselves
a Vet. I don't think so......
So please keep Whisper in your
Prayers that everything goes well
& she will be back to her old self
in no time!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Monday, August 8, 2011

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Monday, August 1, 2011