Sunday, January 21, 2018


Here are a few more of
my Snowmen paintings
that I have painted in
the last couple months.
This was painted on a 
closet door. The second 
picture is a closer view.
These next 2 snowmen are
painted on a piece of wood
and a wooden shutter.
A red metal saucer that I had
picked up at the Goodwill.
This Blue Saucer is a plastic one,
also from the Goodwill.
These 2 Snowmen are painted
on mink boards.
And these 4 are painted on
small screens.
These are actually painted on round placemats
that I found on clearance at Target.
A few more small screens.
An old rusty metal bucket
& added greens for an
These 3 are painted on
Fence boards. They are 
6 ft. tall. 
Thanks for stopping by
& taking a look.
Enjoy your Sunday


Dicky Bird said...

All are very nice!

Karen Martinsen said...

Sandi your talent is so wonderful. I admire anyone who can paint!
Your snowmen are just too adorable.