Monday, October 15, 2012

Re-purposing Some Thrifty Finds...

Hello Everyone!
I thought that I would share 
some of what I have been
 up to lately... 
besides the fact that everyone
 here has been sick with 
one thing or another.

I was asked to put my items
in a craft shop/cafe
 that just had opened up in September,
in a town only 10 miles
from where I live.
I also work in this town,
so I can drop off my items on
my way to work.

After a lot of thinking,
I decided to give it a try.

These Snowmen are painted on
some old window screens
 that I had gotten from
 a friend for FREE.
(they both sold)

I found some shutters at a
Thrift Store for $1.99
(I forgot the before picture)
I took them a part, painted
some black, some gray,
took a piece of chalk and drew
a snowmen and then painted
them. There were 6 of these.
(They all sold)

I found this ugly green and white
child's chair at a Thrift Store
for $1.99
I sanded it down, 
painted it Black, 
and painted on some Pumpkins
and Welcome.
(This sold also)

Three weeks after putting my
creations in this shop,
my Sister called to tell me that she
rented a small building to
open a Craft Shop.
I always wanted my own Shop...
But unless I win the Lottery...
(maybe I should buy a ticket)
that is not going to happen.
And my Sister always wanted a
Business of her own...
The trouble is....
she lives an hour away
from me....
but I am putting my items
in her Shop anyway...
Now how do I multi-task
and keep up...
and work a full time job.
I think I bit off more than
I can chew!

My Sister picked these
5 suitcase up for me at a 
Thrift Store.
3 of them were $2.00 each
and 2 of them were $3.00 each.
So I began painting a few
of these with Snowmen.
I had finished 3 of them...
(All 3 Sold!)

This first picture on the
left, is of a big roll
of Old Snow fence, that
my Sister Brought me.
I cut it apart into sections...
The middle picture is
of the fence on the left
unpainted, and the fence
on the right I dry-brushed red.
I added a skate with some
greens, and a 
Winter Welcome sign.
(just brought these to my Sister)

So this is what I have been
up to these past few weeks,
along with me and my boys
being sick, several times over 
the last couple months.

And the Dog....
can't forget Sweet Little
She has a Bladder infection
and she's on an Antibiotic.

I am still planning
a Giveaway for my
200+ Followers,
I just need a little more
time to get caught up here.
Take Care Everyone!


Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

You sure are busy. You do wonderful work so I'm not surprised that your items are selling so quickly.
Farmhouse hugs,

Trace4J said...

What wonderful snowmen.
You sure are a talented painter.
Everything will sell for sure.
Hope everyone is feeling better.
Whisper too.

Primitive Stars said...

Hi Sandi, wonderful the shutter snowman and the old fencing with the skate hanging looks so great...Blessings Francine.

Dicky Bird said...

Your art looks great!

Karen said...

Wow Sandi, way to go....your products wil sell just as quickly as you can display them I just know it.
I love all you have shown us here...oh my those snowmen are adorable you painted.

Angela said...

Sandi, Love all the items you showed us. You are so talented. You are going to be soooo busy. Just take time to enjoy the journey. Don't let it bog you down girlie. Enjoy the profits!!

Barb said...

You have been a busy gal.
Love your suitcases and the shutter...well OK everything.
Good luck with the shop. I hope it all works out for both of you!!
Enjoy your day,

Kim said...

Wow, you've been busy! I LOVE everything you've painted. I have a soft spot for snowmen :)

I hope you and your family are feeling better!

Becky said...

Sandi, Once again you have done a great job on all of your thrifty finds. It's always fun to see what neat ideas a person can come up with when re-purposing thrift finds.Sounds like you are going to be really busy with the shops. I'm doing three different places right now. Its fun but this time of year everyone is starting to look for Christmas gifts so I am very very busy. Take care and don't overwork yourself.

Beckyjean said...

Hi Sandi~

Lovin all your finished projects. The fence with the skate is my favorite.

Have a wonderful night~Becky

Theresa said...

My goodness girl you've been crazy busy. It sounds like you need to put your feet up with a nice cup of tea and a good book for a few hours. :0)

frontporchprims said...

Oh my heavens you have been busy. Such wonderful remakes!! How fun to put them in a shop. I would love to have my own too someday. Good luck with selling your things. I hope everyone gets to feeling better.

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Busy, excited for you!! Good luck with your new venues :) PS...I just noticed your sons on the side bar...I have a Levi too, he's only 8 though. Hope everyone is feeling better!! Laurel

Danice said...

What great items. I really love the shutters, how creative :)

Tolentreasures said...

Great items! I love everything, good luck with your new ventures!


Heather Wise said...

You poor dears! Even the dog! I hope you are feeling better now! You are very talented! I love how you paint snowmen! Soooooo adorable and kind-looking! Wow! What creativity to turn those items into such treasure!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Hey Sandi,

I just had to stop in and say hi! I was thinking of you the other day and wondering how you were! I see how busy you are!

Have a great week!

Kendra said...

How did I miss this post Sandi?! Everything looks wonderful and I am sure will not last long in either of the craft shops (for lack of a better term)! I just pitched 4 or 5 suitcases from my grandma's and as I was doing it my wheels were turning in my head but I have a craft room full of "projects" already, including 4 shutters...oh, if only you were closer. There is an old rusty snow shovel in Gram's garage that may come home with me and get painted though, we'll see :)


Farmhouse prims said...

Hi Sandi, don't you just love to find a bargain. And wow, you sure know how to turn trash in to Treasures!!! I love everything esp. the snowman on the shutters!
Love your talent! hugs, Lecia