Thursday, July 19, 2012


Finally the RAIN has come!!
On Tuesday we had RAIN and
This was my view driving into work.

 Wednesday  night we had more rain.
And today, cloudy skies, cool temps
and more rain!
The boys and I put on our jeans 
and sweatshirts.
There was certainly a chill in the air...
& a bit cool in the house.
But we didn't mind.

I picked my very first tomatoes 
from the Garden on Wednesday.
Very Small ones...
but oh so yummy!!!

As I was going through some photo's
that I had stored on my computer...
I came across a couple projects that I did
and forgot to post about...

Back in June...My son Dawson's
 Grandpa came to visit.
He brought me an empty Stroh's Beer can,
& told me to make something crafty with it...
(but he said Don't make it look primitive, Lol!)
Well, Grandpa likes his Stroh's Beer
& he loves to Garden...
So I put the 2 together & came up
with this for his Garden.

I don't have pictures of the detailed
steps in this project, but what I did was....
I took a piece of scrap wood, painted it,
painted on the letters, Beer Garden.
Then I took one of my garden stakes,
stained it & then I screwed the sign to
the stake.
Next I took the beer can, screwed that to the 
middle of the stake, then added some 
artificial daisies.
I must say...Grandpa loved it!

This next project is my finished 
Clothespin bag.

This idea I got from Trace.
I picked up this little girls dress
from the Goodwill on a 
clearance rack for 99 cents.
All I did was turn it inside out
& sew across the bottom.
Turn it back the right way & I 
have a new clothespin bag!

These last pictures are from a Giveaway
I won back in June from Darlene at
"Three- D" Style....
I won these cute little stork scissors
& this wool scissor case.

(NOTE....I am late posting this...
but I did e-mail Darlene right away
after I received these in the mail
to Thank her.)

I am so excited to have my own
little pair of scissors that's mine
and the Boy's can't touch!

This wool case is sooo beautiful!

Darlene also included a notepad
and a pen!

Thank You again Darlene!!!
So Sorry for the late post!

You can visit Darlene at
Darlene has frequent Giveaways
and she does some Awesome work.
Her creations are Beautiful!

By the way...Does anyone know
why Blogger highlights some of
the Post in white???
This drives me crazy!!!!


Primitive Stars said...

Helo Sandi, yey!!! glad to hear you got rain and cooler temps,wonderful. Great ideas on the crafts,enjoyed. Blessings Francine. (CAN`T EXPLAIN WHY WHITE????)

The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love your beer garden creation! I remember the old-timers calling the bars "Beer Gardens" growing up. Your clothes pin dress is so sweet, and your tomatoes are perfect - ENJOY! (the white highlite is odd-have you tried to delete & retype?) ~*~Lisa