Monday, March 12, 2012

Multiplying Bunnies and a Robin....

I saw my first Robin yesterday...
sitting on top of the garage roof.
I squealed with delight as I ran to get
my phone to take a picture.
My kids thought I was crazy!
It's just another Bird, Mom!
It maybe just another Bird to them...
but to me it's a sure sign of SPRING!!

I have 2 more Bunnies to add to 
my collection!
I Love Bunnies as much as I Love Snowmen, Lol!!

I ordered this Sweet Bunny from Kim
and he arrived at my door last week.
Isn't he the cutest thing?
Thank You Kim, I Love him!

And this morning a package arrived in the
mail, wrapped so pretty...

Was this Sweet Chenille Bunny
that I won from the
Spring Giveaway a few weeks ago.

This Bunny was made and donated 
by Annie of
So Sweet and smells Divine!!

Annie also included these 3
quilted eggs...

and 2 Bunny tags...

Thank You Annie!!
I Love it all!!!
Stop on over and visit
 Annie's Etsy Shop...
She has alot of wonderful 
Spring goodies in there!

Well I must get off the
computer and get ready for work!!
Enjoy your Monday, Everyone!!


Traci said...

Hi Sandi... yes, seeing the first Robin is exciting to me too. I see mine last Thursday, I hear her tweeting for me in the AM.
Love the bun cute, congrats on your wins. Have a Great Day, Traci

Mila said...

Wonderful Robin :) as well bunny!
Mila :)

Sheila said...

Hi Sandi~
your new bunnies are sweet!
You weren't the only one that squealed about seeing a robin, we had two on the fence last week but I think they heard me cause I went to get the camera and they were gone!
Have a great day~

Becky said...

Hi Sandi,
We saw two robins on Saturday but naturally they flew away before I could take a picture. Love the new bunnies. Have a great week.


Hi Sandi,
I love your Bunnies, they are all so sweet. I got all excited when I saw my first robin the other day, and my grandaughter thought I was nuts over a bird. Some day they will understand. Have a great night. Hugs,

Trace4J said...

WoooHooo you sure know how to welcome Spring. A Robin and Buns!
Hugs Trace

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Sandi, I saw 2 Robins today too!!!
It is exciting!!!
Love your bunnies!!!
Wonderful goodies you got in the mail ~ Congrats on your win!!!
Prim Blessings

The Barn Hollow said...

We have had a few robins around too, love hearing them sing. I am glad you are liking your bunny, and congrats on your PAFA blog win!
Warm wishes,

cynthia lee designs said...

Love your bunnies!!
I got excited a week or so ago when I saw a robin in our front yard. Seeing one is a sure sign of Spring to me too.

Tolentreasures said...

We count robins in the spring. My mom always does that. When you get to 100, spring will be here.


alltheseboys said...

Not only are their Robins..but Fleet Farm is putting up their garden center too! Lol...I know probably only you would get that..hehe! Katie

frontporchprims said...

That would have been my reaction exactly, and my kids too. I can't wait to see my first Robin. He has to come soon:) Has too. Your bunnies look so cute. I love his whiskers. I am assuming it's a him. Congrats on your win. -Steph-

Angie Berry said...

Haha, I know exactly what you mean! My daughter was looking out the front door and said she saw a robin so I went running over there and it was gone. I have not seen one yet at all and asked if she was sure it was a robin. She said it was all red. Ah geez... my kids don't even know the difference between a cardinal and a robin. They didn't understand why I was so excited and anxious to see a robin, lol.

I saw Kim's bunny on her blog. He is adorable!! I also saw Annie's chenille bunnies on her blog. Both are so cute and made by talented ladies! Congratulations to you on the win!

Enjoy the rest of your week~

Betsy said...

These bunnies are so sweet, I think my favorite is the chenille one. Lucky you with all the goodies you've been receiving. Love your robin story...I'm feeling the same way.

shannon i olson said...

I saw doves way earlier than normal this year and about went crazy! I love the sound of them and robins. Spring is very early here in ND, I for one am hopeing it will last!!!