Monday, September 12, 2011

Update on Whisper....

I want to "THANK" everyone  again for all your care and concern
after WHISPER had surgery to remove some Bladder Stones.
It has been a tough 2 weeks, but Whisper just had her checkup
on Friday and The Vet said she is doing amazingly well.
The first 5 days were insane! I really didn't think she would make it.
Not eating, not going to the bathroom, she had a fever....countless
calls and trips to the Vet, little or no sleep. But we managed.
Did I mention when the Vet first took x-rays and seen the stones,,,
there were 4 large ones and he suspected there were a few small
ones too. Little did we know that there would be 50 stones.
Yes, I said 50 stones! 4 large ones the size of marbles and the small
ones ranged from the size of a grain of sand to the size of
a pea! The stones were sent to the University of Minnesota
for Research. The report came back saying the stones formed
from the food she was on and needs to be on a special diet
from here on out.
She's been on Purina Dog Food her whole life!
They want her on Science Diet
(for the urinary tract) Not only is this food expensive, she won't
touch it. They told me to mix a little of her purina food with it
until she gets used to it. Ha! she picks out the purina and leaves
the other food. She did this for a couple days, I called them back
and they said she will eat when she gets hungry. Well she won't
touch it! The chances of her getting these stones back again
is very high, especially if she doesn't eat the food they want
her too! Any suggestions, anyone!


Susan said...

Hi, Sandi. I Googled the problem and these are just 3 of the websites that had good suggestions. The add-ins
that are suggested like milk, beef or chicken bouillon
broth, scrambled eggs (you'll read them all) I would
check with the vet to make sure the suggestions are o.k.
given her current urinary tract problems. They sound
like great ideas.
Here are the URL's:
If something is wrong with the links (I've never
added links in a blog comment before)
just email me and I'll help you.
Warmest Regards,
Susan B., Western MA

beforethedawn ~ Jessica said...

Gosh I hope she'll eat! Our dog Bailey is the same way. He is so picky and just won't eat if he doesn't like the food. We were told to feed him Lamb Eukanuba for his breed and he actually lost weight on that because he wouldn't eat it. He's currently eating Kibbles and Bits, which is a not the best dog food, but we can't always afford the better expensive, corn free stuff. The other alternative is to research her breed(s) and make her food yourself. Corn is supposedly a bad thing for dogs to have all the time, but most dog food has it.

Definitely check out those links posted by Susan and do lots of research yourself.

beforethedawn ~ Jessica said...

Oh and check out what's on the ingredient label of Science Diet and compare it to other dog foods. There's might even be a site online that compares ingredients.