Thursday, July 21, 2011

This, That and Other Things...(long post)

I can't believe that July is almost over.
Where did the summer go??
We finally have some relief with the heat today,
temps are back in the mid 80's .
For a few days the heat index was in the 100's.
Thank God for AC.
 Although, I did have to work on those HOT days...
...I don't have AC in my vehicle, and I melted before I got to work.
Seriously, what's the sense of doing your hair and putting
on makeup on a hot, humid day?
By the time I got to work, my hair was flat and my makeup
was running, I looked like an old dish rag.
I  brought along my deodorant, just in case it quit working.
Although I work inside... at a nursing home...
the temp can't be that cool for the residents.
So while we are running around doing our job, and sweating...
the residents are cold and have sweaters on and are bundled
up in blankets...warm blankets, mind you.
We have a blanket warmer (like they have at hospitals)
and  let me tell you those blankets are warm.

Onto other things....
my projects are still not finished. (tables, cabinets, etc...)
Something always seems to come up,
just as I get started on something.
I've been putting in extra hours at work...
Then there's been alot of meetings
to attend at my job.
Keeping my 10 yr old busy...and the list goes on.
I was able to get a few smaller things sanded
and base coated. Now I just have to
finish those.

I managed to squeeze in a few Thrift store
stops on my grocery shopping days...
I found a few coffee pots, tea kettles,
 rolling pins, ice skates
 and other goodies to paint on.
I Love painting on stuff like that.
I didn't get any pictures
but I did get a picture of an awesome
find at the Goodwill.
I always wanted a Pepsi or 7-UP crate.
I never came across one, until I spotted this
one at the Goodwill for $5.99.

I have to do some rearranging
to find a place for it.
And these goodies I got from a friend.
She was cleaning out her Dad's shed and
asked if I wanted this stuff,  for FREE.

I had to take the pictures with my phone.
 These are 2 old doors.
With the old door knobs, hinges,
room number plates and on
the back sides there are hooks to
hang clothes on.
They were gonna throw these in the trash.
I'm sure I can find something to do with them.
And then there was this bench...

That needs a good cleaning and
some new paint....
The top even opens. Could this be
a Piano bench?

Just what I need more projects to
fill up my garage...
I really do need to get at this stuff
and get it finished.
Sorry for the long post.
Hopefully I will have finished items
the next time.
I'm working on something for my
next Giveaway.
Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Yep it was a little cooler here today ~windy though. I had to fry cook tonight the later it got the hotter it got ~ by the time I was done I felt like an old dish rag too!!!
Love the 7-up crate and the piano bench will look great when you prim it up. Can't wait to see.
You have a great weekend too!
Prim Blessings

Sabrina @Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

I am hoping for a break in the weather here in Maine soon... it has been HOT HOT HOT... ac is working overtime.
I love your 7up crate, what a great find. Love those doors. Can't wait to see picutes of what you decide to do with them.
Have a great weekend

Angela said...

Sandi, Love your 7-up crate, but am really loving the old door(s). Such a great gift from your friend. Yes, that bench looks like a piano bench to me, but such great potental. Love it. Have fun with your redo's. Please be sure to show after pic. Take care and have a great weekend.