Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have the weekend off!   Hopefully I will get something accomplished. Like the many unfinished projects that I have started.  LOL!

 I attended an 8 hr.  Dementia Seminar today for my job.  To further my knowledge with working with those who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer's. It was very rewarding. 
  I work at a nursing home as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)  I have been doing this type of work for many years. I've been at my current job for 9 yrs and I can say that I Love my job. I Love my (elderly patients).  I probably spend more time with them than I do with my own family. My heart goes out to them and their families.

Hope to be back with some finished projects with in the next couple days!



Kindra-At Home With K said...

Sandy, working with geriatrics has always been my favorite area in nursing. I work at an assisted living facility. I was an aide when I was in high school/college and always loved the one on one time I could get with the residents. :)

Snowman Hill said...

Thank you for commenting on our site, your site is adorable. I still love primitive, but I just need a change.